• Jessie Strongitharm
  • Age 20
  • From Vancouver and currently lives in both Van + Toronto


Music! I am super passionate about sharing sounds I think need to be heard. I also love visual arts and writing.


I have always been an artistically-inclined person. I got into creative writing and painting at an early age, and have been working at those off-and-on for many years. Right now, my medium of choice is mixing music. I have been involved in the electronic dance music scene for 6 years and counting,but just recently started djing a few months ago.


I chose to start mixing because my love affair with EDM needed to reach the next level (lol). The electronic dance music scene has been a space I’ve come to feel at home in, and watching the DJs/Producers on stage throw down hard and feed off the audiences energy has always captivated me. I also am that person at a party who is always asking for/hogging the AUX, so I think when you combine all of this together it makes sense why I finally got into mixing! It’s so rewarding to put together songs in interesting and creative ways and have people compliment your style. I guess that goes for any creative work, it’s challenging and requires you really put yourself out there, but getting feedback from others, or in my case, likes and reposts of your own content, makes it so worthwhile.


I don’t discriminate, I love it all. I have a serious blended drink addiction though.


Right now, I’m taking some much needed time off from university and focusing on pursuing these artistic ventures, as well as working to save money. No surprise here, I go to a lot of shows. You can always catch me head banging and bopping around at Subculture Saturdays inside of Red Room Ultra Bar in Vancity!


Considering our environment is going to be taking some definite hits due to current political powers and legislature in place, probably Venice in Italy. Shit is going to sink sooner or later.


Sharing my craft with others has been really important for me because for so long, I have hid any and all products of my creativity from others due to extremely low self-esteem. When I put my first mix up I was terrified and had to fight with myself for the next 12 hours about whether I should delete it or not. As soon as people started to give me positive feedback, it made me realize that I should not have to live in fear of others seeing the stuff I make. Sharing my creativity has been one of the most helpful things I’ve done in terms of increasing my self-worth and self-image.


Ah, this always troubles me. I dunno, I’m Jessie, and my initials spell JESS. I grew up as an only child with two mothers who were keystone in pushing me to get creative, as they put me in dance and art classes and bought me tons of books early on, which sparked my love for the arts. I have 2 dogs and a chinchilla named Waffles waiting for me in Toronto, and I have about 5,000 memes saved on my phone (it’s a serious problem). I also have Type 1 Diabetes and wear an Insulin Pump at all times because my pancreas cannot produce insulin on its own! Though, I’m on a temporary leave right now, I attend university in Toronto and am in a program called Creative Industries, which essentially is a mix between business and arts and looks at how commerce works within creative spheres. What else is there, I guess I have kind of a tattoo addiction as I have 15 and I’m only 20…sorry mom!! I love everything to do with art, and love seeing the people around me be creative! I definitely believe that the more artists/creators/free-thinkers we have in the world, the better. Right now my favourite genre of music to mix is dubstep, and my latest favourite producers in that category are Graphyt and PhaseOne.

You can follow Jess on SoundCloud and Instagram at @jessiess, and on Twitter at @itsjessiess if you are so inclined 🙂


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