• Ali Ryan
  • 22
  • Toronto, ON, CAN (but I wish I was in LA or MIA, you know, if they weren’t in the USA.)


I love to write, it’s my #1 passion, and I give it my absolute all with every single piece. However, I also love photography and design as low-key hobbies.. and painting but I’m not super great at it. :c A girl can dream?


I’ve been interested in writing since about grade 9, when my English teacher was really engaging and actually got me interested in literature and how it’s formed. One of my best friends at the time (who actually ended up studying it in university like I did, actually) was into it was well which made things easy and fun because we could talk about it! That’s when I started writing poetry and short pieces, but it wasn’t until 2010 that I started blogging and sharing these pieces with the internet. I had about 1000 followers on Tumblr way back when ~~~sooooo cool~~~ so that inspired little me to write more. Gotta love internet validation. I’ve always weirdly been a good photographer though? Literally since I was little, on disposable camera photos I tried to do crazy shots from such a young age.. and they actually came out well!


As a means of expressing myself in a different form, and also to cope. I’ve had depression and anxiety for a long time, and only in retrospect can I really see how far back it went, so writing and dance really helped with those. When I stopped dancing, writing became my main outlet…….. but I’ve always found a way to express myself through art in general, at all times.


SHAWARMA. I can literally eat it all the time. Basically any Mediterranean or Middle Eastern dishes, give it to me and I’ll devour it. Omg. Craving.


I am always either at work or school, which makes it super hard to keep up with my blogging. That’s why I created MUSE, as an outlet for all of these young Canadian artists to express themselves, basically whenever they are able. Together I think this is going to be something really cool. I’ve worked for the same company for 5 years on and off, so I really love it there clearly. Something about the brand just keeps me hanging on! Through it all, though, I’ve known communications media and marketing are my calling. But also Law……………. BECAUSE SCANDAL IS MY THING. (Not even the show, but also that too.)


In general, put me on a beach with a book and I’m a happy lil lady. Goal wise though, my next stops are definitely Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, Colombia, and Israel. I can’t settle for mediocrity… I want to go where no one’s been, truthfully. I love exploring!


I don’t know how to NOT share. I’ve been outgoing for as long as I can remember, and basically never shut up (potentially, even when I should). When most people meet me they say I seem so shy and quiet, and then when they get to know me they’re like OH GOD I CAN’T BELIEVE I THOUGHT THAT. LOOK AT YOU NOW. Lol!


I’m graduating with a Bachelor’s Degree in English this year, and a minor in Philosophy (and like half of Law… I tried). I really want to go into communications media and marketing, like I said above, and law is more of a dream/passion that I keep a bit more stifled. I basically love debating and conversing with new people all the time, and to be constantly learning things. I find it hard to live without:

  • My puppies (I have 3. I don’t care how old they are, they are puppers.)
  • Tim’s French Vanilla coffee
  • The Gym (and overall wellness like yoga, cleanses, workout clothes that are too cute to handle… yeah, I’m that person)
  • Crystals! (also this person) I am SO spiritual and superstitious it hurts.
  • Beyoncé
  • the Kardashians to style me
  • Music
  • Video Games (kind of a big deal)
  • Novels
  • My bed (o.m.g.)

I hear I’m a good time. If you agree, you can follow me here and at @aliiryy on Instagram and Twitter. I write funny, punny, sarcastic crap. Most of it’s not crap, though.


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